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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has been committed to protecting the environment for over 25 years.A big part of that commitment is looking for new and creative ways to enhance the brand’s awarding-winning Fairmont Sustainability Partnership platform.A flagship example of this commitment is the luxury hotel brand’s Bee Sustainable program.

Fairmont is committed to doing its part to support bee health globally.To date, Fairmont hotels have more than 40 honeybee apiaries and wildr bee hotels on property around the world.Many hotels are also famous for nurturing on-property herb and vegetable gardens, which contribute to pollinator health.

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A Bee’s Eye View

It can be hard for a wild bee to
find a nice place to stay in the city.
Watch this video to see things
from a bee’s perspective?


In 2008, Fairmont saw an opportunity to help combat Colony Collapse Disorder by placing honeybee hives on hotel rooftop gardens and other onsite locations.Fairmont was the first luxury hotel brand to develop onsite honeybee programming and is now considered the leading hotel company in this space.

Not only does the installation and maintenance of bee apiaries help the local environment by providing bees with a home to pollinate area gardens and parks, but by harvesting the honey, chefs can offer delicious, local and sustainable honey for use in onsite bars and restaurants.

Proving to be a success, the program has now extended globally, with onsite hives thriving in Kenya and China as well.


DIY Bee Hotel

A bee hotel is a sustainable
resting space for solitary bees,
which make up over 90% of the
bee population and work
independently to spread pollen
and nectar.

You can create your own bee hotel following these easy step-by-step instructions from Sustainable T.O.

Bee Hotels 

Fairmont started building bee hotels in 2014 to provide wild mason bees a safe place to rest their wings.

Leading research indicates that wild bee populations continue to show signs of decline, with loss and fragmentation of habitat cited as a leading factor.

Bee hotels are wooden structures that are uniquely designed to attract bees that are already found in the surrounding environment.They often feature sticks or logs drilled with 1 cm holes that are perfect for nesting.

Wild bees are three times more effective at pollinating food when compared to other pollinators.This makes them an incredibly important part of the food chain.The biggest challenge faced by wild bees is the degradation of habitat.

Habitat is more than just a place to feed – it’s a place to live and reproduce.The availability of good nesting sites for bees limits how many bees are present in a community.

Building a bee hotel serves as habitat for local, urban bees, and also helps to raise awareness about not only the diversity of different bees but the many ways in which the public and businesses can help.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts proudly partners with Pollinator Partnership, a research organization dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems to support bees globally.



Fairmont has bee apiaries and hotels at over 20 properties globally

  • beibees



    生命统计:香格里拉农场只采用最远能够飞行 6 公里的中国蜜蜂,以保证生产出的蜂蜜不会被农药污染。

  • cop bees

    Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

    In 2012 Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza installed 130,000 bees in three hives alongside the hotel’s rooftop herb garden.The hotel works with the Best Bees Co., which helps tend to the bees as they dine on the hotel’s garden and in nearby Copley Plaza.

    生命统计:Around 130,000 bees in three hives have produces about 30-40 pounds of honey to date, with more on the way.

  • cwr bees

    Fairmont Chateau Whistler

    In June 2013, The Fairmont Chateau Whistler installed four beehives totaling 120,000 bees.The European Honey Bees help pollinate flowers in the garden and produce a delicate wildflower honey that is harvested by the hotel’s Chefs for use in culinary and cocktail creations.Just two years after the honeybees started calling “The Chateau” their home, the hotel “checked-in” solitary bees with its new pollinator bee hotel.

    Vital Stat:The bees will travel up to 3km to pollinate local wildflowers including Lupins.

  • dal bees

    Fairmont Dallas

    自 2008 年,Fairmont Dallas 内的金字塔餐厅酒吧就已经开垦了一个美丽的屋顶花园。行政总厨 André Natera 和德克萨斯蜜蜂协会每年都会收获几次蜂蜜,并将酒店蜂房生产的蜂蜜用于金字塔餐厅酒吧的厨房中,进而提供各种可口的菜肴。

    生命统计:高峰时期,Fairmont Dallas 中的两个蜂房总共可容纳多达 80,000 只蜜蜂,并且预计每年会生产 60 至 80 磅的蜂蜜。

  • emp bees

    Fairmont Empress

    The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia has European Carniolan and Italian bees residing in the hotel’s Centennial Garden.蜂群由不列颠哥伦比亚省萨里蜜蜂中心的养蜂家 John Gibeau 提供,并由行政总厨 Kamal Silva 策划。

    生命统计:度假村拥有 10 只蜂群,每只蜂群拥有蜜蜂 50,000 只,一年收获两次,每次可收获将近 700 磅蜂蜜。

  • fva honey

    Fairmont Vancouver Airport

    每年夏天,Fairmont Vancouver Airport 都有 34 只蜂群快乐的生活在距离酒店仅五分钟的麦当劳海滩公园。

    生命统计:生活在 34 个蜂房中的一百万只蜜蜂可生产大约 2,400 磅的蜂蜜。

  • ken bees

    Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

    Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club 已与有 17 多年养蜂经验的当地养蜂人 Stephen Macharia 建立了合作关系,从而可为客人带来新鲜蜂蜜。同时,Stephen 还将举办有关蜜蜂和蜂蜜生产的讲座,其中包括美味品尝。

    生命统计:八个蜂房中生活着 32,000 只蜜蜂。

  • kun bees


    位于中国昆山的阳澄湖费尔蒙酒店设有 10 个蜂房,这些蜜蜂可在与度假村同名的湖畔生产新鲜蜂蜜。另外,度假村还特邀当地有 15 年养蜂经验的专家来看管蜂房,并从苏州西山采购野生蜜蜂。

    生命统计:高峰时期,生活在 10 个蜂房中的 2500 多只蜜蜂每天可生产 40 公斤的蜂蜜。

  • lcf bees

    Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

    At Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec, four queen bees live in hives in the Chef's rooftop garden.蜂蜜一年收获三次,并被用于精致餐厅 Le Champlain 的特别蜂蜜菜单(宴会)和精选菜肴中。The hotel also has a pollinator bee hotel on site that features the iconic copper roofing found at many Fairmont properties in Canada.

    Vital Stat:生活在四个蜂房中的 70,000 只蜜蜂每年可生产大约 650 磅的蜂蜜,具体取决于天气状况。

  • myk bees

    Fairmont Mayakoba

    Fairmont Mayakoba 一直在培育一种罕见的 "Melipona" 蜜蜂,这种蜜蜂可生产一种以其药用而著称的蜂蜜。这种蜜蜂为尤卡坦的当地蜜蜂,并且不会蜇人。这些蜂蜜除了可被用于食谱之外,还可将其用于蔚柳溪水疗中心的水疗护理。

    生命统计:生活在一个蜂房中的约 5,000 只 Melipona 蜜蜂每年可生产大约 2 磅的蜂蜜。该度假村还将在不久的将来增加第二个蜂房。

  • pal bees

    Fairmont Palliser

    The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary's two hives, affectionately named the "Bees N' Honey Hotel" and "Miss Bee Haven" are nestled in a nearby backyard of a quiet community.The hives' main nectar sources are dandelion and clover in addition to a diverse range of flowering plants and trees.The delicious honey is used by the hotel's culinary team and pastry shop to enhance fabulous desserts throughout the property.

    生命统计:About 100, 000 honeybees living in two beehives produce 10 pounds of honey.

  • qeh bees

    Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

    Montreal’s Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth has installed four beehives on the hotel’s 22nd floor rooftop.A natural extension of the Chef’s organic container vegetable garden, the apiary helps pollinate downtown Montreal’s gardens.The hotel has chosen a local “superbee” variety bred by experts and unofficially called "apis mellifera Quebeca".

    生命统计:About 200,000 "apis mellifera Quebeca" honeybees living in four beehives will produce a honey harvest 3 times a year.

  • rmp bees

    Le Montreux Palace

    In Switzerland, besides the honey bee, there are more than 600 species of wild bees that do not produce honey but are responsible for the pollination of the majority of our cultivated and wild plants.A single female visits and pollinates about 40,000 flowers during the foraging season that follows.Fairmont le Montreux Palace has welcomed two Bee Homes that have been installed in the gardens to help bio diversity and support the pollination process locally as a first step before installing Bee Hives in a near future.Fairmont Le Montreux Palace also purchases honey locally from an orchard producing honey for the hotel guest consumption in our restaurants.

    Vital Stat:Two Bee Homes with two mason bee colonies supporting pollination process and increasing the number of healthy bees.One bee pollinates about 40,000 flowers during its life.

  • ryh bees

    Fairmont Royal York

    2011 年秋天,多伦多 Fairmont Royal York 酒店内的六个屋顶蜂房收获了突破历史性的 800 磅蜂蜜。The hotel’s 14th story apiary was established in June 2008 in partnership with the Toronto Beekeepers Cooperative and FoodShare.It is the first of the Fairmont hives and is often noted as being the first rooftop apiary found at any hotel in the world.It was also the first to install a pollinator bee hotel in 2014, paving the way for more to follow in 2015.

    Vital Stat:在夏季高峰时期,生活在六个蜂房中的 350,000 只蜜蜂每年平均可生产大约 450 磅的蜂蜜。

  • saf bees

    Fairmont San Francisco

    2010 年 6 月,Fairmont San Francisco 在其 1000 平方英尺的酒店内美食花园中安装了四个蜂房。这些蜜蜂均来自附近的 Marshall 农场,现在已经在酒店的薰衣草和香草上开始采蜜,从而可生产正宗、美味的当地蜂蜜。

    生命统计:生活在四个蜂房中的 200,000 只蜜蜂每年可生产大约 600 磅的蜂蜜。

  • saj bees

    Fairmont San Jose

    In partnership with City Bees™, The Fairmont San Jose’s Sustainability Team has installed honey beehives on the hotel’s rooftop.Beekeeper Robert MacKimmie will establish nascent hives so that the hotel can harvest house honey for use in pastries, ice cream and cheese displays.

    生命统计:When the beehives mature they will each house up to 50,000 bees, which are estimated to produce approximately 100 pounds of honey.

  • sea bees

    Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle

    The Fairmont Olympic Hotel currently houses eight honey beehives on in its rooftop garden which are home to about 250,000 bees.In 2017, approximately 500 pounds of honey was harvested from the hives which are tended to by master beekeeper and Executive Chef Paul Shewchuk.Currently in its 6th season, the honey is used in a variety of ways and showcased throughout unique partnerships at the hotel.The culinary team uses the honey to create original honey-centric cocktails and dishes at the bar and restaurants.

  • shp bees

    Fairmont Southampton

    通过与当地养蜂人员进行合作,Fairmont Southampton 已开始在南岸度假村设立蜂房。近年来由于百慕大地区的蜜蜂数量急剧​​萎缩,因此该项目将有助于增加岛上健康蜜蜂的数量。

    生命统计:欧洲蜜蜂于 1616 年被引入百慕大,当地民间传说若将一茶匙百慕大蜂蜜与茶共饮,则具有壮阳功效。

  • smi bees

    Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

    In partnership with Marshall’s Farm, Executive Chef Bruno Tison of The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa will be installing honey beehives on the resort’s perimeter in order to help support the Valley’s bee population, which has decreased in number by 90 percent since the 1980s.Hotel honey will be used in soups, salad dressings, pastries, ice cream and showcased on the Michelin-starred Santé menu.

    生命统计:When the beehives mature they will each house up to 50,000 bees and are estimated to produce approximately 250 pounds of honey.

  • wdc bees

    Fairmont Washington D.C.

    2009 年夏天,首批意大利蜜蜂运抵 Fairmont Washington, D.C.:名称分别为 Casa Bella、Casa Blanca 和 Casa Bianca 的三个屋顶蜂房。这些蜜蜂均来自马里兰州位于 Germantown 的 Larry & David Reece。A pollinator bee hotel was built on property in 2015, providing a much needed place for bees to rest their wings.

    Vital Stat:生活在三个蜂房中的 105,000 只意大利蜜蜂每年可生产大约 100 磅的蜂蜜。

  • Bee Butler, Michael King at Fairmont Waterfront

    Fairmont Waterfront

    Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver shares its 2,100 square foot herb garden with honeybee hives on the hotel’s third-floor terrace.Guests of the hotel are invited to join the daily garden and hives tour conducted by onsite ‘Bee Butler’ Michael King.The hotel added a pollinator bee hotel to the garden in 2015 in partnership with Hives for Humanity and as part of the national WILD FOR BEES campaign.Hives for Humanity also supports the hotel with bee keeping expertise.Julia Common of Hives for Humanity works on behalf of and in collaboration with John Gibeau of the Honey Bee Centre.

    Vital Stat:生活在六个蜂房中的 500,000 只蜜蜂每年可生产 600 至 800 磅的蜂蜜。

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