A lot of love stories were put on hold last year and some are just beginning! Fairmont hotels and resorts all over North America will welcome you with breathtaking venues that complement the romance you share, from legendary city-center ballrooms to intimate tropical beaches.


With decades of experience hosting lavish weddings and intimate ceremonies alike, our wedding planning teams know how to capture every couple’s unique tastes. Choose one of the following benefits to help you personalize your wedding even further. Celebrating your wedding on a Sunday? Enjoy the choice of a second benefit!

As an additional bonus, every wedding will receive Double ALL Reward points through ALL Meeting Planner. Become a member and register for the offer today!*


  • 婚礼前一晚及当晚免费入住新婚套房
  • 新人父母在婚礼当晚免费入住
  • Complimentary artisanal cheese or vegetable crudité display for your cocktail reception hour
  • 在现有的酒吧服务套餐基础上延长一小时的服务
  • Complimentary one-year anniversary stay at the hotel for one night
  • Complimentary brunch or breakfast for the couple for the morning after
  • Special pricing on signature cocktail during your cocktail reception hour
  • Additional benefits may be available on a per-property basis

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ALL Meeting Planner. With ALL Meeting Planner, you earn Reward points every time you organize an event. As an additional bonus, every wedding will receive Double ALL Reward points. 还不是会员? 立即加入 

ALL Meet Well。 Learn how we’re keeping your guests safe with ALL Meet Well.

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*Offer and member eligibility for ALL Meeting Planner is available for all weddings taking place before March 31, 2022. ALL members must register for Meeting Planner and the 2x Reward Points offer prior to the event agreement. A minimum of 8 room bookings or 8 participants is required per event in order to qualify. Reward points will be credited to the member’s account the month after the event has been paid for. ALL Reward points are calculated on the basis of the pre-tax amount, and gratuities, outsourced services/outlets are not eligible for point accrual. Please refer to program terms & conditions for more details on eligible charges. Events operated under the Fairmont brand and Swissotel Chicago have an earning cap of a maximum of 60,000 Reward points per event.