Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel, Opens Its Doors to Pilgrim
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Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel, Opens Its Doors to Pilgrims For Hajj

Publish Date :01-十一月-2010
十一月 01, 2010

Makkah, Saudi Arabia (November 1, 2010) -Fairmont Hotel & Resorts announces the opening of Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel, located only a few steps away from the Masjid Al Haraam and the Holy Ka’aba Islam’s most sacred site.其独特而鲜明的特点将确保其标志性地位,为客人提供热情好客的真诚款待。

该酒店将成为标志性建筑 Abraj Al Bait 大厦的焦点所在,而这座独特建筑是旨在对 Two Holy Mosques 区进行升级改造的阿齐兹国王捐赠计划的一部分。 Makkah Clock Royal Tower 是世界上最高的的混凝土建筑,楼高 76 层并高达 577 米,设有 858 间客房和套房。作为开发中的重要特色——高达 40 米的钟楼,其四个立面均可从 17 公里远的地方看到,并且它的大小达到伦敦大本钟的五倍之多。它将通过放大器每日召唤祷告者进入虔诚的穆斯林世界,且可覆盖 7 公里的半径范围。

Mr. Mohammad Arkobi, Vice President & Managing Director, FRHI Makkah KSA, expressed his joy and pride in opening the hotel in Makkah and commented, "This event is a momentous opportunity to provide a new amenity to Muslim pilgrims and visitors from all over the world.We are honored to offer exceptional services to Holy Land pilgrims and look forward to ensuring our visitors have truly memorable experiences with us.We also hope to demonstrate our sincere commitment to caring for our communities, a hallmark for our brand and colleagues."

The Tower houses a lunar observatory center, in addition to a museum for Islamic icons and objects of arts, serving to preserve and promote the region’s culture and heritage.The hotel demonstrates smart technology design, featuring 10 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable for speedy communications and Internet connection for the guests.The property’s 76 elevators will provide comfortable transfers during Azan (calls to prayer) and high-occupancy Umrah and Hajj seasons and the hotel also features easy access to the Haram, as well as two large prayer rooms for male and female guests.

Guests at Makkah Clock Royal Tower will enjoy a variety of international cuisines including the innovative "Al-Dira", which offers local flavors from the various districts of the Kingdom and will introduce guests to the culture of oriental Saudi cuisine.

For those planning functions in the city, Makkah Clock Royal Tower offers a selection of meeting rooms and event spaces while a 24-hour business center, high speed and wi-fi Internet access and translation services ensure business transactions are conducted effortlessly.


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