Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Offers Up Skinny Drinks For Health-Conscious
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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Offers Up Skinny Drinks For Health-Conscious Connoisseurs

Publish Date :05-四月-2012
Toronto 四月 05, 2012

Luxury Hotel Company Makes Slimming Down For Summer a Deliciously Satisfying Breeze
With summer’s swimsuit season on the horizon, indulging in that longed for high-calorie cocktail may seem like the ultimate sin.However, low-calorie health-conscious cocktails are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the bar and restaurant industry, with cocktail aficionados around the globe reinventing the guilt-laden classics with creative and refreshingly delicious “skinny” alternatives.Getting into the mix on this trend, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has put together a collection of skinny drinks to satisfy guests without breaking the calorie bank.With ingredients such as agave nectar, coconut water and organic honey straight from its hotels’ very own rooftop apiaries, Fairmont’s mixologists are making sure low-cal spirits stay spirited. 

At the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Lobby Lounge, located in Vancouver’s downtown core, bartender Grant Sceney’s health-conscious cocktail, the “Bali Hai,” offers a tropical oasis of flavors with nutritional benefits.Inspired by the small uninhabited island in the tropics of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the island received its name from a movie filmed in the 1960s referencing an exotic paradise and mysterious island.“Growing up in Australia, the island has remained close to my heart,” says Sceney.“It was my place of Zen and relaxation and I would often kayak to the island and camp at night on the beach with friends.” 

Combining pear and thyme-infused gin, agave nectar, fresh lime, ginseng tincture and coconut water, the Bali Hai is the perfect drink for those looking to satisfy their taste buds without compromising their health goals.Weighing in at less than 200 calories, the Bali Hai substitutes sugar, a processed sweetener with no nutritive value apart from added calories, with agave nectar, a low-glycemic sweetener.Unlike sugar, agave nectar’s low-glycemic index means it won't cause a sharp rise or fall in blood sugar.Ginseng tincture, which adds a touch of exoticism to the palate, is commonly used to treat a variety of health problems including reducing mental stress and anxiety, increasing mental clarity and alertness and increasing energy levels.In addition, coconut water, which is packed with electrolytes and minerals, brings a refreshing tropical splash while helping to replenish hydration levels in the body.It is also known for its high levels of cytokinins which have been shown to have significant anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic effects. 

Just a few blocks away at The Fairmont Waterfront, the luxury hotel company’s bartenders are mixing it up with their signature cocktail, “Herons Basil and Rooftop Honey Collins.”At just 180 calories, this refreshing twist on a traditional classic combines Plymouth Gin, soda, the hotel’s signature rooftop honey syrup along with fresh hand-pressed basil leaves and lemon juice.The addition of basil leaves gives the skinny sip an extra surge of flavor without adding additional calories. 

Out East, Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York offers a collection of Skinny Sips, a regal selection of delicious cocktails and aperitivos all weighing in at less than 250 calories.Taking full advantage of its hyper-local ingredients, The Fairmont Royal York’s bar staff have created a multitude of cocktails that are not only low in calories, but also incorporate unique, local ingredients such as house-made sugar-free orange liqueur and organic rooftop lavender and  honey straight from the hotel’s rooftop garden and beehives. 

At The Fairmont San Francisco’s Laurel Court Restaurant & Bar, the hotel’s bar staff have created the “Skinny Daisy” martini by shaking up a sophisticated mix of Belvedere citrus, lemon juice, Fruit Lab Organic Jasmine Liqueur and Splenda syrup.At just 220 calories, the Skinny Daisy is a satisfying treat that guests can easily burn off walking the hills of San Francisco.

After a round of golf in Mexico’s pristine Riviera Maya, guests of Fairmont Mayakoba can guiltlessly indulge in a “Cucumber & Habanero Margarita.”Fairmont Mayakoba bartenders mix fresh cucumber and habanero chili mix, tequila, fresh lime juice and agave nectar to create the satisfying and spicy delight with just 87 calories. 

At the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, situated on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the team at Harry’s New York Bar are now mixing up the “Skinny Bikini.”Combining red apple, cinnamon, five-spice powder, Mandarine Napolean and Magner’s cider, the Skinny Bikini, at just 165 calories, is a gentle cocktail for a clear conscience and an even clearer morning after.

When designing skinny drinks, bartenders at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers in Cairo suggest keeping two things in mind:using premium ingredients such as brand name liquors to up the appeal, and using fresh and natural ingredients like fruit and muddled herbs which can help add flavor without adding excess calories.Come April, the hotel will be launching a collection of nearly 30 skinny drinks designed around these concepts such as the “Skinny Margarita” and “Sugar-Free Whiskey Sour.”


Coveting More Than Just Cocktail Cutbacks?
For some, getting the body in shipshape form requires more than just economizing at their favorite watering hole. A great option for travelers looking to add a rejuvenating spa pampering to their pre-summer shape up are Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spas, which offer body treatments great for hydrating and moisturizing the skin as well as exfoliating for a luminous glow.  

Guests can start off with the Hacienda Retreat Body Experience at the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, which begins with a yellow-corn and lime body polish to gently cleanse pores and remove impurities.Next, an ultra-hydrating shea butter mask scented with lime zest, spearmint and lemon is smoothed onto the skin before participants are gently cocooned by the spa’s skilled technicians.While the mask penetrates, the treatment continues with a desert-rose moisturizing cream facial massage.The Hacienda Retreat Body Experience starts at $179 USD for the 60 minute treatment. 

Over at the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, guests can experience The Ultimate, a great pre-summer facial that hydrates the skin, improves luminosity and reduces the appearance of fine lines, leaving a fresh face for summer.This anti-aging treatment immediately restores the skin’s vitality.The experience begins at the feet, with a foot scrub and a footbath, then moves to facial heaven.Featuring Kerstin Florian’s signature Caviar line, the latest in skincare science, the facial includes a facial and contour-lifting massage, a protein-rich marine energy sheet to improve luminosity and reduce the appearance of fine lines, and a super hydrating Caviar Cell Vitale ampoule.  

To top it all off, guests can take part in a 60-minute Signature Pedicure, offered at all Willow Stream Spas, and a must-do treatment for summer to get feet and toes ready for sandals.Using the spa’s signature Willow Stream Energy products, this experience is not only a beauty treatment for your feet, but an energizing lift for the whole body.The deluxe treatment includes an exfoliation, and foot soak in sea salts and minerals, a paraffin treatment and a foot massage with hydrating body butter.For more information on Willow Stream Spas and treatments offered, please visit willowstream.com.
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